Run your own business and earn money teaching childrens fitness classes and kids activity camps - great franchise business opportunity

Become a Certified Kids Fitness Instructor

Are you interested in running your own fitness classes or training your staff to teach physical education as a KidsActiveFun™ certified instructor? That’s exactly what our ONLINE International fitness instructor training course qualifies you to do. This exhilarating comprehensive training course qualifies individuals or staff to deliver and teach fitness classes in pre-schools, primary schools and gyms while encouraging kids towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

KIDSACTIVEFUN™ is an endorsed training system that has been developed by a team of experts in fitness, sports and business since 2003. All our certified instructors adhere to the "child first" policy and EU council’s code of ethics in sports. In addition, we are a partner business to the international brand Jymka™; an international award winning family fitness club franchise.

Overview of Courses

KidsActiveFun™ Certified Instructor Course
KidsActiveFun™ Certified Instructor Course

The KidsActiveFun™ Instructor Cert gives you an opportunity to earn an income while staying fit. Our online comprehensive course, thoroughly trains and certifies you to teach fitness classes, to preschool and primary-age children from 3 to 12 years. Once certified you will be able to teach children gymnastic positions, animal walks & tumbling skills, ball & sports skills, speed agility & quickness circuits, fitness games and more in a class format. These class activities help kids to develop the fundamentals of fitness and movement skills and the ABC's of physical literacy.

You will be educating children to stay and love being active s a certified instructor under our regulatory ‘Child-first-policy’ and will adhere to the Irish / European / your countries Sports Council’s ‘Code of Ethics’. 

This course is delivered online with comprehensive Multimedia methodology and practical training modules and videos. Each participant completes study and thesis on each course module in addition to performing the practical elements required to teach kids fitness professionally and safely (i.e. the gymnastic positions, tumbling skills rules of instruction, the don'ts of exercise etc.) Our team of trainers will assist you as you are doing the course with any queries you have. At the end of each training module there is an evaluation that you will complete to progress to the next module.
You will also be required to submit video content for assessment. 

Our KidsActiveFun™ assessors will examine your test submissions and will permit you to repeat any of the sections with every opportunity to learn and certify with us. We provide you with your certification on successful completion of the course.  In addition you will be listed on our website as a certified Instructor and are qualified immediately to start teaching kids fitness classes under your own name.

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NB:: There is no sales, marketing or business training provided with this course - this training is provided as part of our bundle course option which includes:

KidsActiveFun™ Certified Instructor Course + Run a Kids Fitness Business Course

Run a Kids Fitness Business Course Bundle
Run a Kids Fitness Business Course Bundle

     1. KidsActiveFun™ Certified Instructor Course
     2. Run a Kids Fitness Business Course
The first course is our KidsActiveFun™ Instructor course, on successful completion you become certified and are ready to progress to start the 'Run a Kids Fitness Business Course'. This course covers a range of modules on running your own business to include:

Module 1: Setting up your new kids fitness class business
Module 2: Customer care. Dealing with enquiries
Module 3: Finance
Module 4: Insurance and Tax
Module 5: Sales & Marketing your classes
Module 6: Brands and the importance of a brand
Module 7: The KidsActiveFun™ brand and Licence
Module 8. Day to day business, admin & time management

The duration of the first course is approx. 30 hours and the second course is an additional 20 hours. This training course bundle gives you the opportunity to earn an income, while keeping fit and educating children on how to stay active.  All our certified Licensed instructors are listed on our website with full profile information and operate under our regulatory child first policy and adhere to the European and International Sports Council’s ‘Code of Ethics’.

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On successful completion and certification of this combined training course bundle you have the fantastic opportunity to join our team of Licensed KidsActiveFun™ instructors. This permits you to use our brand for your kids fitness class business with many other benefits too >>>